Short term debt such as credit cards, store cards, and instant credit is an easy and convenient method to make on the spot purchases. It is also a big earner for banks and that profit comes from you.

While we always intend to pay off the debt as soon as possible, they invariably grow and become a monster that won’t go away, no matter how hard you try.

Credit card debt also has a major impact on your borrowing capacity when applying for home loans or refinancing your existing home loan.

There are two major benefits to refinancing credit card debt into a debt consolidation loan. The first is that there is a definite end date. Make the payments and at the end of the term it is all gone. Secondly, the interest rate is significantly lower. Combined, you will save money and get rid of the debt faster.

” Troy was so incredibly helpful and enthusiastic in helping my husband and I with debt consolidation. He got us a great deal and we can now breath a bit easier! Troy was always communicating with us, following up and making sure everything was happening as it should. I had been avoiding doing this as it’s such a daunting process, but Troy took the stress away and made it easy! Thankyou!! ” – Alix, Kinross.

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